Bism has consumed 57276 souls since August 13, 2006
Elevation Time:
Wednesday, August 21
8:36::46 a


In the metropolis of San Hoist, things were actually looking up. Crime rates were the lowest they had been in several decades. The completion of the Megarail made travel between any two points of the city an under-twenty-minute ride, and intercity traffic had consequently become almost non-existent. The election of Mayor London Hyatt (also heiress to the Hyatt fortune) resulted in the first non-corrupt city government in most residents' memory. Ms. Hyatt had reformed the public school system and gotten all facilities in San Hoist better rankings than nearby private schools!

She commissioned the construction of recycling plants, providing jobs and slicing San Hoist unemployment rates. London Hyatt accomplished this all by providing the city an interest-free loan to get back on its feet. Since the completion of her projects, the city has paid her back in full and is still economically thriving. San Hoist has been rated among the top five large cities for air quality of The Breather magazine.

Yes, all was good. Until some neo-wiccans tried a summoning spell in the back room of Deep Woods Apothecary, a new age shop on the east side of San Hoist. They mistranslated the book they were performing the spell from, but they were unaware. So when there was a bright flash of red light in the room, they thought their attempt to summon a baby unicorn had worked. However, the floor quickly turned to molten lava and killed them.

They had opened a rift into the demon world of magma and flame known as Bism. So it was just a small bubbling pit of fire in one small part of San Hoist. Not that big of a deal. But white-hot dragons emerged from it, promising residents of San Hoist safety in Bism, "a fantastic land where bunches of rubies can be eaten and diamonds can be juiced to drink, unlike the cold, dead treasures of Earth." Human avarice and greed brought people to the entrance of Bism, but every person who crossed over was quickly boiled alive and picked clean by the dragons. And every soul that got caught in the fissure increased its size until lava, fire, and demons spewed out and the remaining citizens of San Hoist evacuated.

Except for you. You happened to be in the Pinnacle Building when the flame hit the fan. You quickly shut all the doors to the outside, preventing the parking garage from filling with magma.

Elevation: Bism Rising is a race to the top of the Pinnacle Building. The elevators have been crushed by large fiery boulders down the shafts, the doors to the stairwells, controlled electronically, open inconsistently, and the stairwells are in pieces, broken up by the constant tremors shaking San hoist. You'll have to work together to get up to higher floors, and not all of you will be able to make it up. Additionally, there is no single stairwell from the bottom to the top, so you'll have to take breaks in the different segments of the Pinnacle Building.

Right now, you are all in the PARKADE: the parking deck below ground. A half-dozen floors up is the GALLERIA: shops, boutiques, restaurants, and a food court. Above that is the ADMINISTRY: dozens of floors of offices and paper-pushing businesses. And, finally, the ROOFTOP marks the end of your journey. There, you want to grab onto the rope-ladder dangling from the rescue helicopter that makes its rounds through the city every week. It goes by quickly, for fear of being destroyed by the dragons and other demonlife infesting San Hoist.

But worry about that if you get to the top. For now, you're still at the bottom of a tall building in a city gone to hell.


There are four levels to the game: (1) PARKADE, (2) GALLERIA, (3) ADMINISTRY, and (4) ROOFTOP. Every player starts in PARKADE at the beginning. In short, there will be eligibility challenges each week. Those who win eligibility are voted on to decide who gets to climb up. The process repeats. Below are detailed and technical rules. The gist is all you need to get to be able to play. So please don't let the below rules daunt you.

Eligibility Challenges

Each Saturday (this schedule may get fudged if emergencies/more important concerns come up), an eligibility challenge will be posted for each level that contains any players. Players have until midnight EST at the end of Monday to complete the challenges. The challenges will be constructed so that at least half of the players in each level may win eligibility. These challenges may provide opportunities to win extra rewards that players may use to their advantage in the game. Look for hidden instructions. These challenges will be mostly puzzle-based.

Climbing Sessions

Each Tuesday (this schedule may become fudged, as above), climbing sessions will be up. They consist of two parts: by midnight at the end of Thursday, each player must answer an interview question directed at all players in a level and each players must cast a vote for a player (other than emself) who has won eligibility. These votes will remain confidential until the end of the game, although there may be rewards in challenges that let players know past votes. Whichever player receives the most votes will move up to the next-higher level. A player in ROOFTOP who receives the most votes will win the game.


In the case of a tie, past votes will be taken into account. In the case of a tie still, nobody climbs ahead that week. Instead, the next climbing session will allow an extra person to climb up. If any player among the tied winners the first week are eligible the second week, their cumulative vote total will be counted.

Example: On some climbing session, Jon gets 3 votes and has 10 past votes, Jason gets 3 votes and has 10 past votes, Marie gets 3 votes and has 5 past votes, and Sylvia gets 1 vote and has 12 past votes. Jon, Jason, and Marie are tied for this week. Past votes are used a tie-breaker, eliminating Marie. Since Jon and Jason are still tied, nobody climbs up.

The next week, Jon wins eligibility but Jason does not. So Jon receives 2 votes, Sylvia receives 3 votes, and Marie receives 4 votes. Since 2 + 3 (from the previous week) = 5, Jason wins this climbing sesson. But since two people climb ahead, and Marie is in second place, both she Jon climb up this week.

Double Weeks

Every fourth week, beginning with the first, two players will climb ahead. This is to help curb the overall length of the game.

Level Elimination:

When at least half of the players that have made it to a level pass the level, the level will be eliminated. A level will not be eliminated until at least the week after the level below it was eliminated. Players who were eligible before elimination will remain on the jury and may cast votes every week. They are required to do so only during the final climbing session.

Example: if the game starts with 15 players, then after an 8th player climbs out of PARKADE, it will be eliminated. Then, since 8 players made it to GALLERIA, it will be eliminated after at least four have made it out of GALLERIA. Weeks when multiple players climb to higher levels will affect these numbers, so the number of initial players does not guarantee certain elimination numbers. The possibility of level elimination will be mentioned at the deciding climbing session.

Missed Votes

Missed Votes: If a player fails to cast a vote and to answer the interview question by the CS deadline, the vote will be randomly cast. Additionally, the player will receive one vote cancellation the next time someone casts a vote for the player in question. This cancellation will be counted in past vote totals as well.

Final Challenge

As in the last game, the final eligibility challenge will be a puzzle marathon, where each puzzle gives access to the next, harder, puzzle. This time, it will also provide the reward of ONE bonus vote for each puzzle completed. If the final climbing session results in a tie of total votes and of past votes, whichever tying player made it the furthest in the marathon will win. If that is a tie as well, whoever completed their last puzzle first will win, and I doubt anybody'll be able to tie on-the-second.


Players may obtain rewards during eligibility challenges and they may use them during climbing sessions. There are eight types of rewards and one non-reward that functions as such: